Joining the ALG

The Annual Subscription for 2021 will remain at 10. If you would like to join please click on the Membership Form link and fill out a postal form:


If you have no access to a printer the completed form can also be saved as a 'complete web page' (.htm) and emailed to as an attachment. The subscription can then be paid either by:

1. Enclosing a cheque for 10, payable to Archaeological Leather Group, to:

Roy Thomson
ALG Treasurer


2. By PayPal. The subscription using PayPal costs 12 (12GBP). To pay this way, go to

Create an account, or log into your existing one, and click on 'Send Money'. The email address to enter is


DATA PROTECTION: If you do not wish all or part of the information you enter on the Membership Form to be available to other ALG members, please enter an X in the 'Privacy' box.

The Newsletter: You can choose to receive Newsletters (in March and September) either as hard copy (black + white) or as a .pdf file (includes colour)


Your publications...

If you would like any leather-related publications (your own or others') to be added to the ALG's online bibliography, please email the details to the Newsletter editor, using the link below. Thank you!

Add publications