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The ALG Newsletter

A newsletter is published twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. As well as reporting on the Group's activities and describing a wide variety of work in progress, it gives members the opportunity to raise questions about objects whose interpretation is uncertain.

The collected ALG Newsletters (1986-2017) are available
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Collected Newsletters

The Newsletter has been in existence for over 25 years, below is the cover of Issue 2 for Winter 1986:


Early issues contained articles on the phenomenon of shoes concealed in buildings: a subject which had only recently begun to attract academic interest. We still get requests for copies of those early articles and for anyone who would like to read them they can be found here:

'Concealed Shoes' by Denise Dixon-Smith (1990)

'Northampton Museum's Concealed Shoe Index' by Andrew Mackay (1991)

'Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs' by E. Cameron, J. Swann, M. Volken and F. Pitt (1998)

Recent issues have included articles on Roman saddle leather, a visit to a traditional tannery in Sudan and ancient Egyptian chariot leather.

Saddle leather
Drawing of the main components of a 2nd century saddle cover
from excavations in Carlisle

All newsletters are now archived in the members' section of this site as they appear. If you are not a member, a specimen copy from September 2019 can be read by clicking the 'Recent Newsletter' image below:


The group welcomes contributions in the form of articles, notes and news, book reviews and correspondence. Some guidelines on the format and word length of contributions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Tanning pit
Traditional open-air tanning methods, still practised in Sudan

Chariot leather
Part of the leather covering of a chariot, probably of Pharaonic date,
in the Cairo Museum

Please contact the editor, using the following link, if you have something you would like to contribute; deadlines for contributions are around 1st March for a spring issue and 1st September for an autumn one.

Newsletter Contributions/Enquiries


(from Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter 15, Spring 2002)

Articles should be

  • up to 1500 words maximum including references
  • completely free of electronically embedded footnotes (end notes are fine, but please not embedded)
  • correctly referenced, observing current house style
  • submitted on paper or electronically in Word or RTF format
  • sent to the editor

Articles are subject to editorial control and are previewed by two other ALG members (not necessarily committee members). Writers may therefore be asked to revise their work before it is accepted for publication.

Contributions to our Notes and Correspondence column are free from editorial control provided they are not defamatory or likely to cause offence. These should be limited to a maximum of 500 words per piece including references.

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