Recordings of Zoom Meetings

Speakers at our meetings agree for the recordings to appear here on the understanding that they will be viewed by ALG members only. Please do not share links to the videos outside the group, thank you

Nordic Walkabout: Stone Age Winter Travel in Lapland 2024
Presentation by Markus Klek, April 2024

London’s Roman leather: a fragmented collection
Presentation by Owen Humphreys
May 2023

Leather from the Juktenskobben shipwreck (southern Finland)
Presentation by Riikka Alvik
May 2023

Leather from Drumclay Crannog
Presentation by John Nicholl
December 2021

Current research on leather from Vindolanda
Presentation by Prof. Elizabeth Greene, followed by discussion
September 2021

Book covers from the Texel shipwreck
Presentation by Dr Janet Dickinson
May 2021

Excavated gloves and mittens, c. 1300-1700
Presentation by Annemarieke Willemsen
March 2021

The Gentle Craft Shoe Museum, Lausanne
Presentation by Marquita Volken
January 2021