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  • Newsletter No. 54, for September 2021, is now available to read in the Members' area of the website.

  • Remembering Roy Thomson

  • Recent books:

    eds. T. Ivleva, J. de Bruin and M. Driessan (2018), Embracing the Provinces – Society and Material Culture of the Roman Frontier Regions. Essays in honour of Dr Carol van Driel-Murray , Oxbow. A Festschrift for the leading authority on excavated Roman leatherwork. Contains three articles on leather and many more on material culture, gender and ethnicity.

    F. Pereira, L. Guerra (2018), O Couro Lavrado no Museu de Lisboa (Carved leather at the Museum of Lisbon). A study of the rich collection of 17th-18th century carved leather furnishings (chairs, beds, chests) in the Lisbon Museum. The book also examines documentary evidence for the organisation of the leather trades in this and earlier periods.

  • Waterlogged Organic Artefacts – Guidelines on their Recovery, Analysis and Conservation. The Historic England guidance booklet has recently been revised to reflect organisational changes.The new layout makes it more suitable for digital distribution and screen reading and you can access a copy here for free: Waterlogged Organic Artefacts

  • Two recent books on gilt leather:

    F. Pereira (2017), De Córdoba para Portugal: el comercio de guadamecíes en el siglo XVI, Chiado books
    looks at 16th century contracts in which ornate gilt leather wall hangings, cushions and altar frontals were traded from Córdoba to the Portuguese court.

    A. Caldas and F. Pereira (2017), Pele com Pele, Transfiguraçao & Transcendência, Chiado Books
    illustrates the authors' creative work in producing gilt leather artefacts to their own designs, as well as showing what these owe to the medieval and later craft traditions of the Iberian peninsula.

    De Córdoba para Portugal
    Pele com pele

  • Recent ALG Publication

    Book cover

    The Proceedings of 'Leather in Warfare', a joint conference held by the ALG and the Royal Armouries, Leeds in 2014 is now available to purchase from the Royal Armouries website at £30: Leather in Warfare
    ALG members will receive a 25% reduction on entering a discount code which can be found in the Members' section of our website (see menu opposite).

  • Due to be published in December 2017 is Chariots in Ancient Egypt: The Tano Chariot, A Case Study, by André J. Veldmeijer, Salima Ikram, Ole Herslund, Lisa Sabbahy & Lucy Skinner. The book will be available in print form and as an e-book (pdf), it will also be free to browse online. More advance details, including an Abstract and List of Contents appear here: Chariots in Ancient Egypt

  • Papers from a well-attended conference held by the ALG in 2011 are now published with the title Why Leather? The Material and Cultural Dimensions of Leather. They are available in printed form or as an e-book from the Sidestone Press website and can also be browsed there for free: Why Leather?

  • Chasing Chariots. Proceedings of the First International Chariot Conference (Cairo 2012) edited by André J. Veldmeijer & Salima Ikram, Sidestone Press, 2013.
    This volume contains the proceedings of a conference jointly organised by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and the American University in Cairo (AUC) and held between between 30 November and 2 December 2012. A paper by Salima Ikram, André Veldmeijer and Lucy Skinner presents the first results of research into the Tano chariot (the leather casing and other trappings of a chariot, recently discovered in the Cairo museum), together with a report on its conservation. The book can be read online for free, or purchased as an e-book or in printed form:
    Chasing Chariots

  • A CD is now available containing copies of all the ALG Newsletters, from the first issue (Summer 1986) up until September 2017. The Newsletters contain articles on archaeological and historical leather of many periods and these are often well illustrated, particularly in more recent issues. If you are interested in purchasing a CD, it can be ordered online here: Collected Newsletters.

  • André Veldmeijer's book, Leatherwork from Qasr Ibrim (Egypt). Part I: Footwear from the Ottoman Period is now available to purchase as a print volume or as a download from Sidestone Press: Qasr Ibrim. Part 1. It can also be read for free online.

  • "Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit"
    This report by André Veldmeijer on leatherwork from a site near Luxor, Egypt, is available to purchase as a print volume or ebook
    from the publishers, Sidestone Press. It can also be read online for free: Deir el-Bachit.


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