Newsletter contents from 1986

S1 N111986introduction to ALG, rules
S1 N131986Shoe seminar proceedings
S1 N131986Useful publication
S1 N13 June Swann1986John Thornton´s leather shrinkage experiment:
S1 N141986„Work in progress“: Papers given at the coventry meeting, March 1986
S1 N14Clare Thomas1986Medieval Leather Artifacts from Scotland
S1 N110Quita Mould1986Medieval and Early Post Medieval Leather from Three Excavations: Barnard Castle, County Durham; Reading Abbey, Berkshine and Lucy Tower, Lincoln
S1 N1151986Invitation to a lectures
S1 N115R.Thompson1986Tanning in Tudor England
S1 N115M. Shaw1986The excavation of a post medieval tannery
S1 N211986Announcement of publishing „Recent Research in Archaeological Footwear“
S1 N221986Meetings
S1 N22June Swann1986Useful publications
S1 N231986„Work in progress“: Papers given at the coventry meeting, March 1986
S1 N23Tim Padley1986Leather From CarlisleRoman and medieval
S1 N24Claire Cotter1986Dublin Castle
S1 N24Diana Friendship-Taylor1986Seventeenth Century Leather from Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
S1 N25Carol van Driel-Murray1986A note on shrinkage
S1 N26June Swann1986Dating of ship wrecks
S1 N261986Costume Society
S1 N3 – 411987Meetings
S1 N3 – 411987Meetings
S1 N3 – 411987York Meeting 8th April 1988
S1 N3 – 411987ALG business meeting
S1 N3 – 421987Obituary : Margrethe de Neergaard
S1 N3 – 431987Guidelines for the conservation and study of leather
S1 N3 – 431987Amendments to list of members and their areas of interest
S1 N3 – 441987The Honourable Cordwainters company
S1 N3 – 441987Identification forum
S1 N3 – 441987Bibliography
S1 N521988 – 1989York Meeting 8th April 1988
S1 N52Tim Padley1988 – 1989The Leather Shoes From Castle Street, Carlisle
S1 N54Jim Spriggs1988 – 1989More Thoughts on Leather Conservation and Preservation
S1 N55A.D. Hooley1988 – 1989Roman Leatherwork from the General Accident Site, York and Ctterick, North Yorkshire
S1 N62Denise Dixon-Smith1990Concealed Shoes
S1 N71Dáire O´Rourke1991Current Research in Leather-Working from Irish Sites
S1 N73Andrew Mackay1991Northampton Museums Concaled Shoe Index
S1 N74Arnold, Janet Queen Elizabeth´s Wardrobe Unlock´d1991Book Review
S2 N014Clare Thomas1995Recent Research, Mainly in Scotland
S2 N016Carol van Driel-Murray1995Nailing Roman Shoes
S2 N021Diana Friendship-Taylor1995The Publication of Leather, A report on the meeting held at York, 10th March 1995
S2 N023Barbara Wills1995The ICOM working group on the conservation of leather, a report on the conference held between 5 and 8 April 1995
S2 N024Quita Mould1995Archaeological Leather Research Objectives
S2 N025Juniper BE, Baum J, Wise R and Juniper SB1995The discovery of leather
S2 N032Barbara Wills1996Early Medieval Leather and Fur, notes from a conference held on 22nd September 1995Roy
S2 N033Esther Cameron1996Couir Bouilli
S2 N041Diana Friendship-Taylor1996AGM 1996Roy
S2 N043Graham Hodgman1996Leather bucket
S2 N044Quita Mould1996Roman / Saxon Mongrels spotted in eastern England
S2 N0451996Archaeological Leather Group Survey of Member´s Interests – Result of the survey
S2 N045Carol van Driel-Murray1996Research Objectives: some considerations
S2 N047Alan S. Raistrick1996What was a Tawer´s workshop like?
S2 N052Diana Friendship-Taylor1997Roman / Saxon Mongrels – A Continuation
S2 N053Alan S. Raistrick1997More Notes from Customs Entry Books, and Other Places
S2 N0631997Early Medieval Leather and Fur – presentation of collected articles for the book
S2 N0631997Leicester Archaeologists Uncover Likely Source o Lindisarne Gospel Material
S2 N0721998Hidden Shoes And Concealed Beliefs
S2 N076Ann Donnelly1998An Elizabethan Glove-Maker´s Shop
S2 N07Esther Cameron1998Introduction
S2 N07June Swann1998Shoes Concealed in Buildings
S2 N07Marquita Volken1998Concealed Footwear in Switzerland
S2 N07Fiona Pitt1998Builders, Bakers ad Madhouses: Some Recent Information from the Concealed Shoe Index
S2 N07Ian Carlisle1998„Man Bites Leather“ Shock In York
S2 N071998Medieval Personal Containers – a Talk
S2 N081Clare Ward1998Current Treatments in the Conservation o Waterloged and Desiccated Archaeological Leather
S2 N083Pat Reid1998A Mystery Object
S2 N093Diana Friendship-Taylor1999Report On The Autumn Meeting: A Visit to the Royal Armouries, Leeds
S2 N0931999A Second Skin – The technology, context, conservation and reconstruction o leather clothing
S2 N096Carol van Driel-Murray1999Ware The Saoxns
S2 N097Carol van Driel-Murray1999Roman Leather Bikinis
S2 N099Alison Draper1999The Conservation Of Buff Leather At The Royal Armouries
S2 N102Marian Forster1999Leather jerkins from the Mary Rose
S2 N102Stephanie Schwarz1999Egyptian loincloths
S2 N103Barbara Wills1999Survey of Treatments for Waterlogged Leather
S2 N103Esther Cameron1999Conservation off wet objects in Canada
S2 N104Veronique Montebauld1999Mystery Object – Problems interpreting fragments of leather other than shoes
S2 N106Barbara Wills1999Mineralised Leather Study Day, 19th May 1999
S2 N111Barbara Wills2000Report on the BAFRA / Leather Conservation Centre Joint Seminar „Our Duty of Care III“ on the Conservation o Seat Furniture and Leather Objects 16/11/99
S2 N115Alan S. Raistrick2000Card making in the 17th Century Extracts rom Academy o Armory by Randle Holme of Chester 1688
S2 N121Quita Mould2000Footed Hose Sighted in Yorkshire
S2 N1232000Brazen foot found in quarry
S2 N123Quita Mould2000Report on a Meeting o the Medieval Dress and Textile Society
S2 N124Roy Thomson2000Leather Museums of South West France
S2 N131Carol van Driel-Murray2001A brazen boot
S2 N136Alan S. Raistrick2001Some offcuts of gloving
S2 N142Marquita Volken2001Mystery Shoe Revisited
S2 N144Fleur Shearman2001Annuraaq: Arctic Clothing from Igloolik
S2 N144Sue Winterbottom2001Recent finds from Carlisle
S2 N145Allyson Rae2001Fur, feathers and skin
S2 N146Barbara Wills2001ALG visit to Shakespeare´s Birthplace Trust
S2 N147Fleur Shearman2001More gloves
S2 N148200113th century stained glass depicting leatherworkers (notably that of the Prodigal Son); Saint-Etienne cathedral, Bourges, France
S2 N1411Quita Mould and Esther Cameron2001Saxon shoes, Viking sheats? Cultural identity in Anglo – Scandinavian York
S2 N151Véronique Montembault and Marquita Volken2002Shoes for the dead
S2 N153June Swann2002Footwear for the grave
S2 N156Pat Thompson2002Le Travail du Cuir de la Préhistoire à Nos Jours, October 18th – 20th, 2001
S2 N159Patricia Reid responds to an article by Marquita Volken in the last ALG newsletter.2002Mystery shoe revisited again
S2 N1510Pat Reid responds to the last article2002Cultural identity in Anglo-Scandinavian shoes
S2 N1512Julie Jones2002Remains of leather or skin products preserved on an Anglo-Saxon shield from Sheffield’s Hill, North Lincolnshire
S2 N161Carol van Driel-Murray2002Roman shoes for the dead
S2 N162Jennifer Jones2002Roman leather and metalwork armour from excavations at Carlisle
S2 N163Carol van Driel-Murray2002Sandal straps
S2 N165Roy Thomson2002Leather from the H.L. Hunley
S2 N166Roy Thomson2002Museum of Leathercraft
S2 N166Esther Cameron2002Irish connections?
S2 N167Quita Mould2002More about V-backed shoes in Britain
S2 N172Esther Cameron and Quita Mould2003Unusual leather case in Pepys Library
S2 N174Lynda Hickling2003Medieval saddles
S2 N181Quita Mould2003Man pinches leather?
S2 N182Barbara Wills2003Leather Clothing in Medieval Europe
S2 N185Alan S. Raistrick2003A Profitable Boke
S2 N185Lynda Hickling2003Henry V’s Saddle – Westminster Abbey Museum
S2 N191Joe Dewhurst2004Oil tan buff leather – man’s first leather?
S2 N194Diana Friendship-Taylor2004Did he die with his boots on?
S2 N195Christopher Catling2004King Henry VIII’s football boots
S2 N2012004Cordoba seminar published
S2 N202Joe Dewhurst2004Oil tan buff leather (continued from issue 19)
S2 N202Roy Thomson2004Two more tannery museums (Germany and Spain)
S2 N203Diana Friendship-Taylor2004Leathery Quiz
S2 N211Diana Friendship-Taylor2005Answers to leather quiz
S2 N213Quita Mould2005A possible votive shoe sole from the River Walbrook in London
S2 N214SARAH STANNAGE2005An Investigation into an Egyptian Leather Mummy Brace Set - dated c.890 B.C
S2 N215Quita Mould and Barbara Wills2005Iron Age leather/ skin
S2 N216A.J. & S.M. van Roode2005Leather from Berenike, Egypt
S2 N216Cecily Spall2005Unidentified leather object from Ripon City Quarry
S2 N2212005The Burlescombe shoe
S2 N221Esther Cameron2005Report on the 2005 ALG Spring meeting
S2 N223Carol van Driel-Murray2005Tiny Tots: Roman baptismal shoes?
S2 N225Marion Kite2005The Fur Trade Legacy: participation in the Canadian Association for Conservation 31st Annual Conference and Workshop held in Jasper, Alberta, May 17th -21st 2005
S2 N227Roy Thompson2005New Zealand’s first European tannery
S2 N233Quita Mould2006ALG trip to Sweden
S2 N2342006Iranian ‘Salt Men’
S2 N2342006Iron Age bog bodies from Ireland
S2 N234Barbara Wills2006So you think it’s leather: an update on the waterlogged material from Arbury Camp
S2 N235Marquita Volken2006Archaeological Finds from the Schnidejoch Pass in the Swiss Alps
S2 N236Marquita Volken2006The concealed miniature sole from Vindonissa (Brugg, Switzerland).
S2 N238Amanda Bennett2006Concealed objects at the Priaulx Library, Guernsey
S2 N242Quita Mould2006Spring Meeting 2006: Visit to J and F J Baker & Co Ltd
S2 N243Robert Lewis2006Evidence for the interpretation of an Early Historic book-satchel
S2 N246Barbara Wills2006Shoe tree mystery
S2 N246Barbara Wills2006Touring exhibition by the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project
S2 N247Sue Winterbottom2006On the fringes of empire: recent finds of saddle leather from Carlisle
S2 N2542007Congratulations to the Friendship- Taylors and UNAS
S2 N2542007The Fadden More Psalter
S2 N254Barbara Wills2007ALG visit to the Museum of London, 20 October 2006
S2 N255Roy Thomson2007The Alum Meeting
S2 N262Mike Glasson2007ALG Visit to Ham House, Surrey, May 2007
S2 N263Carol van Driel-Murray2007In memoriam: Olaf Goubitz (1934-2007)
S2 N264John F. Parrott2007Tales from the Wantage Tanyards, 1523-1825
S2 N267Jill Barnard and Jackie Keily2007The Reconstruction of a Tudor Leather Purse from Bankside London.
S2 N272Yvette A. Fletcher2008The ALG Paris Trip 29 November – 3 December 2007
S2 N275Susanna Harris2008A wooden half-bucket with sewn joint and repair
S2 N2782008A medieval leather water carrier from Carlisle
S2 N2782008Skin processing technology in Eurasian Reindeer cultures: a comparative study in material science of Sàmi and Evenk methods – perspectives on deterioration and preservation of museum artefacts.
S2 N2782008Leather conservator's online blog
S2 N2792008Life in a Moroccan urban tannery
S2 N282Diana Friendship-Taylor2008Reflections on “Have We Got a Tannery?” Conference, 12-13 April 2008, Walsall Museum
S2 N283André J. Veldmeijer and Lucy Skinner2008Note on Pharaonic leather shoes in the Egyptian Museum Cairo
S2 N285Quita Mould2008Should it go or should it stay: what do you think?
S2 N286Matthew Jones2008Tannery site in Chester
S2 N286June Swann2008ALG visit to Paris (see Newsletter 27)
S2 N287John Mainwaring2008Leather working in the Late Bronze Age
S2 N287Diana Friendship-Taylor2008All stitched up…!
S2 N293Angela Karsten2009Review of the ALG visit to Dublin, 24 – 28 September 2008
S2 N295André J. Veldmeijer2009The Leatherwork rom Deir el-Bachit: Preliminary Report
S2 N2912André J. Veldmeijer2009Note on the possible relation between shoes and chariots
S2 N3022009Prestigious award for Walsall Leather Museum
S2 N302Marta Kissne Bendefy2009Article on Hungarian footwear available online
S2 N304Franklin Pereira2009Still in the saddle
S2 N307Dominica D'Arcangelo and Barbara Wills2009New tool for Leather Identification; would you find it useful?
S2 N308André J. Veldmeijer and Salima Ikram2009Ancient Egyptian Leather Chariot Casing
S2 N309Quita Mould2009Burning leather - further evidence that leatherworkers made bad neighbours
S2 N3010Maarten Berkers2009Leather mask from Belgium
S2 N3011André J. Veldmeijer2009Enigmatic Objects from a Coptic Monastery in Egypt
S2 N3013Barbara Wills2009A Coptic gilt skin or leather cross – can you help?
S2 N30142009Two forthcoming books on Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork
S2 N313Angela Karsten and Jane Harrison2010Review of the ALG visit to Hadrian’s Wall, 9-11 September, 2009
S2 N318André J. Veldmeijer2010Enigmatic sinew cordage objects from Roman Qasr Ibrim
S2 N3112Markus Klek2010Neolithic tools for tannin
S2 N3113Arne Focke2010Burnin Leather – experiment
S2 N322Quita Mould2010Dark deeds in deepest Suffolk: the ALG visit to Bury St Edmunds
S2 N324Helen Outram2010Surprise find of Roman leather in Staffordshire
S2 N328Pat Thomson2010Don‟t forget your slippers …
S2 N33320112010 Autumn Meeting
S2 N334Susanna Harris2011“Wrapping and Unwrapping the Body - Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives” at the Institute of Archae-ology, UCL, May 2010 and “Wrapping Objects” as part of the Theoretical Ar-chaeology Group Conference held at Dur-ham University, December 2009
S2 N336Barbara Wills2011Two online resources for the conservation, handling and storage of leather
S2 N338André J. Veldmeijer2011Leatherwork from Gebel Adda in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
S2 N3311Mike Shaw2011Tanneries then and now
S2 N33122011Latest on the Staffordshire find of Roman shoes
S2 N3313June Swann2011Note on Shoe Terminology
S2 N341Jackie Keily and Quita Mould2011ALG Spring Meeting 2011
S2 N343Jutta Göpfrich and Nina Frankenhauser2011Making a replica belt purse
S2 N349Jackie Keily2011Mexican ‘Poulaines’
S2 N349Barbara Wills2011Red-rotted leather
S2 N3410Lotta Rahme2011Arctic Leather Tanning
S2 N34102011Ötzi the Iceman - special exhibition
S2 N34102011Skin clothing from the North
S2 N3412Stephanie Rátkai2011Dyeing Leather with Elderberry
S2 N3413Jan Moens2011Recent publications on Medieval Leather from Belgium
S2 N3416André J. Veldmeijer2011What's in a stitch?
S2 N356Franklin Pereira2012Bag tanning and artistic sandal making at Kolhapur (India)
S2 N35112012Confernce report: Why Leather?
S2 N3512Václav Gřešák2012Saddle research and reconstruc-tion at Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic
S2 N3513Alan S. Raistrick2012The leather trades at Sawston, Cambridgeshire
S2 N3514Angela Middleton2012The Medieval Tanneries at Troyes
S2 N3515André J. Veldmeijer2012Making a shield in Ptolemaic times?
S2 N363Franklin Pereira2012Jews, Moors and Christians in the leather trade: the Ordinances of Tanners and Shoemakers in Lisbon 1489
S2 N366Roy Thompson2012Red Ochre for Skin Processing
S2 N367Sue Winterbottom2012Worth a closer look? (Leather in the Canary Islands Guanche culture)
S2 N369André J. Veldmeijer2012Leatherwork from Dra Abu el-Naga: Some First Observations
S2 N3612Susanna Harris2012Hide – workin with dry scrape technique using stone and bone tools
S2 N373Marloes Rijkelijkhuizen2013Two mystery objects and a calfskin glove: exceptional leather finds from Gorinchem, the Netherlands
S2 N376Sue Winterbottom2013The Stafford Shoe Window
S2 N377Jackie Keily2013Museum of London collections online
S2 N378André Veldmeijer2013New Project: Leatherwork from IFAO’s Mission to Fustat
S2 N37102013News of Museum Exhibitions, Excavations, Conferences and Courses
S2 N3712Sue Winterbottom2013Who reads books anyway?
S2 N37142013Notice o books and articles
S2 N3715June Swann2013Books reviews
S2 N3832013The 2013 Spring Meeting in Somerset
S2 N385Marloes Rijkelijkhuizen2013Leather gloves and mittens: examples recovered from the Netherlands
S2 N3892013Items spotted at Sandringham and Waterford
S2 N3810June Swann2013Ptolemaic boots concealed in the Amenhotep II Temple, Luxor
S2 N38132013Shoe Heaven at Southend; Vindolanda Revisited
S2 N38142013Books
S2 N39320143 Review of the 2013 Autumn Meeting
S2 N394Franklin Pereira2014A prince of gilt leather in Córdoba by
S2 N3952014Recent books and an exhibition
S2 N397Marloes Rijkelijkhuizen2014A rediscovered leather vambrace from Dordrecht, the Netherlands
S2 N398Angela Middleton2014A tale of reindeer hides, a storm, a wreck and an exhibition
S2 N399Anglela Middleton and Serena Cant2014More about wrecks and hides
S2 N3910June Swann2014Book Reviews
S2 N3911 Quita Mould2014Visit to ‘My Favourite Shoe’ at the Royal Exchange, London
S2 N402Roy Thomson2014Recent books; Book Review
S2 N404Barbara Wills2014The „Understanding Leather‟ course
S2 N40720147 Reminder: the ALG bibliographies
S2 N408Quita Mould2014A Leather Chamber Pot
S2 N409Sue Winterbottom2014The Shoemakers' Arbour, Shrewsbury
S2 N4010 June Swann2014Book Reviews
S2 N4011 Franklin Pereira2014 Workshop at the Spanish Leather Museum in Allariz
S2 N4132015The 2014 Autumn Meeting, Notices
S2 N415Karin Beemster2015Something to help you out of a scrape
S2 N4162015Notes and News
S2 N418Annemarieka Willemsen2015Call for objects: gloves, mittens and gauntlets
S2 N419Angela Middleton:2015The Leather Lantern from the Darss Cog Shipwreck
S2 N4112June Swann2015Book Reviews
S2 N4222015Notices
S2 N4242015News items
S2 N425Tereza Štolcová2015Unique Early Migration Leather Finds from Poprad-Matejovce, Slovakia
S2 N4282015Recent publications
S2 N4292015The Museum of Leathercraft, Northampton, some recent developments
S2 N4211Chris Lynn2015Some Pictish symbols: leatherworking diagrams and razor holders?
S2 N4213Susanna Harris and Kathryn E.2015Piquette: Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) for visualising leather grain surface morphology as an aid to species identification: a pilot study
S2 N435John Nicholl2016The leather finds from Rathfarnham Castle: 17th century fashionable footwear
S2 N43102016Book Reviews by June Swann and notice of two recent publications
S2 N4313Roy Thomson2016A Great Ignorance Refuted
S2 N4314Franklin Pereira2016The Charola de Tomar: early 16th century mould-embossed gilt leather, glued to stone walls.
S2 N4422016Editor’s note; future and past meetings
S2 N4432016Research on skin terminology
S2 N4442016The SHOES email exchange
S2 N445John Nicholl2016Some leather finds from Caherduggan Castle, Doneraile, County Cork. Ireland
S2 N44112016Updates to the ALG bibliography
S2 N4412Franklin Pereira2016Two leather museums meet, one weekend in Portugal
S2 N4415June Swann2016Book Reviews
S2 N4522017Editor‟s note; Meetings (future & past)
S2 N455Pat Thomson2017The Museum of Leathercraft Library
S2 N456Tom Welsh2017The origins of the tanning complex at The Green, Northampton
S2 N4572017Tudor Shoes from Crossrail
S2 N457Carol van Driel-Murray2017Radiocarbon dates and Anglo-Saxon style shoes from the northern Netherlands
S2 N4582017G. C. Moseley’s book “Leather Goods Manufacture” republished by John Butt
S2 N4510John Nicholl2017Two concealed shoes from No. 9/9a Aungier Street, Dublin
S2 N45132017Some recent books
S2 N4515June Swann2017Book Reviews
S2 N4516Franklin Pereira2017Artistic leatherwork and Portuguese seafaring (Part 1)
S2 N4519Carol van Driel-Murray2017Book Reviews
S2 N4622017Editor‟s note; The 2017 Spring Meeting
S2 N462Pat Thomson2017The Museum of Leathercraft Library (Part 2)
S2 N463Quita Mould and Ashley Tuck2017Two medieval turnshoes from the former Franciscan Friary, Lichfield, Staffordshire
S2 N466Franklin Pereira2017Artistic leatherwork and Portuguese Seafaring (Part II)
S2 N4611by J. Amsgaard Ebsen, C. Himmelstrup Trinderup, L. Ørsted Brandt and C. Gundlach2017The potential of microCT scanning for 3D documentation and dissemination of decorated archaeological leather
S2 N4615201715 Notices
S2 N4616201716 Books
S2 N4732018The 2017 Autumn Meeting
S2 N475Pat Thomson2018Museum of Leathercraft: Waterer in the Library, Part 3, Spanish Leather
S2 N4762018Got a Question? Enquiries to the ALG
S2 N479Carol van Driel-Murray2018An early medieval oddity
S2 N4710Franklin Pereira2018Gilt leather art in Córdoba loses Carmen Bernier
S2 N47132018New book; Curious about Awl
S2 N48320183 Report on the 2018 Spring Meeting and AGM
S2 N484Elisabeth de Campenhout2018Leather workshop and Conference in „s-Hertogenbosch, May 2018
S2 N4852018Roman boxing gloves - Guardian article
S2 N4862018Got a Question? Enquiries to the ALG
S2 N489Quita Mould2018Male footwear in 17th and 18th century Iceland: traditional dress and imported fashion
S2 N48132018Notices
S2 N4814Rennes by Gaël Barracand2018Applying preservation and study methodology to a waterlogged leather assemblage from Place Saint-Germain
S2 N4817June Swann2018Book Reviews
S2 N4952019Report on the 2018 Autumn Meeting
S2 N496Beth Richardson2019A pair of thigh boots from excavations at Bermondsey, London
S2 N497Franklin Pereira2019Iberian Leather News
S2 N4992019Your Questions to ALG
S2 N49112019Books, articles, notes..
S2 N5022019Report on the 2018 Autumn Meeting
S2 N5032019Miscellany
S2 N505Roy Thomson2019Urine in the Leather Industry
S2 N5062019Gilt leather techniques: video
S2 N507Marquita Volken2019Pinked, pleated and puckered: Roman period moneybags
S2 N5012Roy Thomson2019Book Review
S2 N5013John Nicholl2019Dressing the Dead: Leather Shoes from St. Mary’s Parish Church Kilkenny
S2 N5016Carol van Driel- Murray2019What to see in Naples
S2 N5017Franklin Pereira2019The Annual Leather Meeting in Allariz
S2 N5132020Review of the 2019 Autumn Meeting
S2 N5152020Survey Results; Budapest Conference
S2 N516Ronald van Genabeek2020Second-hand shoes at ’s-Hertogenbosch
S2 N518Mike Redwood2020Vegetable tannins and their colouring effect with leather
S2 N5113André J. Veldmeijer and Salima Ikram2020Leather is everywhere! Tutankhamun’s Sticks and Leather
S2 N5117Varvara Busova2020Red, floral appliqué leather purse-amulet from Southern Siberia, 4th-3rd century BC
S2 N5222020Editor’s note; Letter from ALG Chair
S2 N5232020Your Questions to ALG
S2 N5272020Conference at Troyes, 25/10/2019
S2 N528Lisette Verspay-Frank2020Nineteenth century horse tack
S2 N5210C. Collins, Dr K. Poole, L. Parker, K. Krawiec and P. Renner2020Leather on the Leen
S2 N52152020New book by Jan Moens
S2 N52162020Poulaines on a slate
S2 N5322021Editor‟s note; Recent Meetings
S2 N5342021Vindolanda webinar; Sheffield Castle
S2 N5352021More Publications
S2 N5372021Online Interview; Eddie Cheshire
S2 N538Claire McQuillan2021Communicating the intangible aspects of concealed objects
S2 N53122021Christian Louboutin Exhibition
S2 N53132021Book Reviews; Walsall Bibliography
S2 N53142021Leather without borders; Antiquaries Lecture
S2 N53152021Your Questions to ALG
S2 N53172021WW1 Finds in Flanders
S2 N5422021Editor‟s note; Recent Meetings; Forthcoming Meeting
S2 N5452021Your Questions to ALG
S2 N5482021Roy Thomson
S2 N549Carol van Driel-Murray2021Late Roman Fibre Sandals
S2 N5411Sue Winterbottom and Quita Mould2021Northampton Museum‟s Concealed Shoe Index - an exploration
S2 N5414Carol van Driel-Murray2021Book Review
S2 N54142021World‟s first virtual shoe; Good news for Readers; Curious item on Facebook
S2 N54162021UK Exhibition: Shoephoria!
S2 N5522022Editor´s note
S2 N552Sue Winterbottom2022The 2022 AGM; „Tutankhamun‟s leather‟
S2 N552Elizabeth Greene2022ALG online meeting Roman Footwear in Context 28 September, 2021
S2 N552John Nicholl2022ALG online meeting Leather from Drumclay Crannog
15 December, 2021
S2 N554Quita Mould2022Pits and Boots: A tanning site in medieval Aberdeen
S2 N555Jana Obročníková2022Zlín: Shoes in History 2021
S2 N556John Nicholl2022Some Leather Finds from Drumclay Crannog by John Nicholl
S2 N55112022Your Questions to ALG
S2 N5514Quita Mould2022A seventeenth century concealed shoe from Rochford, Essex by Quita Mould; The Sutton Hoo Shoes
S2 N5515Franklin Pereira2022A new book on 16th-20th century carved leather upholstery by Franklin Pereira
S2 N55172022French Journal: La Peaulogie
S2 N55172022Book Review by Sue Winterbottom: Andrew Sparber, from Bark to Boots: The History of Tanneries in Western Maryland (self-published, 2021, 174pp.)
S2 N55192022When is Leather not Leather?
S2 N562Carol van Driel-Murray2022Dr. Johnson on ‘Brogues’
S2 N5632022Getting to know you... Ken Stuart
and Quita Mould
S2 N5642022„Tutankhamun‟s Cuirass Reconsidered‟; 12th ICOM-CC Interim Meeting
S2 N5662022Your Questions to ALG
S2 N567Gaël Barracand2022A diverse leather assemblage from medieval Rennes (Brittany) by Gaël Barracand
S2 N568Sue Winterbottom2022A Dalmatian ‘string’ shoe
S2 N5682022The new ALG website by Sue Winterbottom
S2 N5610André J. Veldmeijer, Salima Ikram and Lucy Skinner2022The Leather from the Tomb of Kha & Merit: Some First Observations
S2 N5722023Special Issue In memory of Roy Thomson 1937 - 2021
S2 N5732023The celebrated life of Roy Thomson
S2 N575Pat Thomson2023Roy Thomson
S2 N5715Yvette Fletcher2023RT - Educating Conservators
S2 N57162023Publications by Roy Thomson
S2 N582Sue Winterbottom2023Editor´s note
S2 N582Arianne Panton2023Save our Skins! Conference Review
S2 N5852023Your Questions to ALG
S2 N5892023Two recent publications
S2 N5892023The ICOM-CC Interim Meeting, October 2022
S2 N58102023Getting to know you... Arianne Panton and Martin Moser
S2 N5812Jana Obročníková2023The framed purse from Dordrecht: a reinterpretation and reconstruction
S2 N5813Quita Mould2023Book reviews: Archaeological Footwear I and II written by Marquita Volken
S2 N5815André J. Veldmeijer and Salima Ikram2023Puzzling Leather Objects from Temple Magazines