The Newsletter is circulated to members twice a year, in March and September. It contains original articles and notes, conference reports, book reviews and members’ responses to  any questions about leather sent in to the Group.  There are also reports on ALG meetings and notices in advance of the Annual General Meeting which is held in the Spring.

Past copies of all Newsletters are available online to members but if you are not a member you can see a recent copy here:

No. 52 (September, 2020)

Some early issues contained articles on the phenomenon of shoes concealed in buildings, a subject which was beginning to attract a wider interest. We still get requests for copies of those early articles and you can read them here:

Concealed Shoes by Denise Dixon-Smith (1990)
Northampton Museum’s Concealed Shoe Index by Andrew Mackay (1991)
Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs by E. Cameron, J. Swann, M. Volken and F. Pitt (1998)

Contribute to the ALG Newsletter

The group welcomes contributions from members and non-members alike in the form of articles, news about relevant excavations, exhibitions and conferences, book reviews etc.  If you have something you would like to contribute please contact the editor, Sue Winterbottom, using the link below:

Newsletter Contributions/ Enquiries

ALG Newsletter contents from 1986 onwards

The following link will take you to a spreadsheet listing newsletter contents from the first issue [Series 1, Newsletter 1] to the present day. There was a break from 1992-1994 when no newsletter was produced. Series 2, Newsletter 1 appeared in February 1995.

Contents spreadsheet